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Nearing the End of March

Nothing Finer!

There is just something about a bundle of twine that I cannot resist!  I shopped the Gift Show in New York, the Gift Show in San Francisco, and then, yesterday, the New England Gift Fair, which is a bit of a joke.  But, trust me, I can always find something.  And, if that “something” is twine in any shape or form, you will find me writing up an order.

I keep twine in the catch-all drawer in my kitchen and in the faux potting shed in my basement.  I keep twine, at the ready, near the recycle bin out in the garage.  I adore twine!  Makes me think of bundles of money or yesterday’s stacks of old newspapers or my friend John and the way his kitchen twine trusses up a chicken just before he pops it into the oven.  John’s roasted chicken is something to savor.  Those loose chicken legs never splay from side to side when he has finished with his wrapping of white kitchen twine.  For me, my chickens always look as if they spent one too many rounds on the barnyard dance floor.  Oh, they are tasty, but I have yet to master the John method with the white twine.

So what I am asking you is this…looking for twine?  We have twine enough to wrap the earth twice.  We have braided twine from India, thin linen threads from Japan, beige twine, brown twine, taupe twine…Honey, we got all the twine one little store can handle!

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