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It Has Been Way Too Long…

grave yard and skelaton tree

This Morning’s Cemetery Walk

Wasn’t it yesterday when this very tree was in fresh green bud?  What the hell happened to summer!   I promised myself that I would blog more often.  I thought  I would even add a recipe or two with these frequent blogs.  I would keep all of you, who dare to check in, entertained with the nonsense of life, the joy of shop keeping, and the social world of one chic little pug named Miss Rita Rose.  So now it is deep fall…the leaves  are going fast.  It is time to fire off a blog!

diane hanna manaquin

The Magical Diane Hanna

One of the most delicious early fall capers was a trip to Centerville Historical Museum down on the Cape and a visit to Diane Hanna’s show “Miz Haversham Revisited.”  Get in your car immediately, head to the Cape, and prepare yourself for a lovely wander in one of the most charming museums around.

Now…I must tell you Diane has one whole room.  A lovely aubergine-colored room filled with the imagination of our favorite poet.  It was one of those beautiful fall days when I drove down.  The leaves were just turning. I always prefer leaves without a rake in hand. I know Diane and her work well enough to have known I would be in for a treat.  I was not prepared for a feast!  Diane’s show will be up until December 7th so you have a bit of time.

Now, Darlings, having directed you to the car and a bit of a road trip, I want to remind you that this weekend is Roslindale Open Studios.  This is an event not to be missed!  We have a grand lineup of four artists, and I know other neighbors are hosting artists in their stores.  Get down to Rozzi, spend a day, buy some art, dine out in one of our award-wining restaurants and call it a weekend!  Take the road trip to Centerville on your next Saturday off!






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