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April, 2013

Blue Boston

Yesterday Boylston Street was reopened!  Gone are the twisted metal barricades, the stains removed from the grey sidewalks, the tattered flags from so many nations, and the shards of glass that littered the area like fine beach sand.  The two grey, dense explosions that carried skyward the souls of three people and the hurt of so many others on Marathon Monday is now simply a sad memory.

Thirty-three years ago I settled in Boston.  I had hoped to live in Manhattan or Paris or just about anywhere in Italy, but it was here that I unpacked and here that I stayed.  I have grown to love the spirit of this place!  On that sad Monday when police and firefighters charged forth to help the injured and many, many others came to the rescue of those hurting…my love for this city and its history and its people had no bounds.

Italy Dish by Dish

Last Saturday, we were honored to have Susan Simon as our guest…the writer who translated this remarkable source book.   I tell you…tuck this little gem inside your suitcase, buy the Alitalia ticket, and take off.  If you want to eat your way through Italy, you will need nothing more than an adventurous heart, this little gem of a book, and maybe a euro or two!  We have a few signed copies left at the store, so pop in for your copy.

Yep... Welcome Indeed!

We just launched another e-commerce site, which I believe will be easier than the previous one.  Please pay us a visit if the store visit isn’t an option.  I would love any feedback you might want to offer.  I know I adore giving “feedback” and were someone to ask my opinion on just about anything, I would be off and running with advice (sage or otherwise!).  So dear friends have at it!

Rowley on Opening Day

Todds Farm was hopping two weeks ago.  The fields were wet and muddy; the morning was on the cold side of an early April Sunday.  I would like to say I bought nothing, but you would never believe me!  I can, with all honesty, say I bought very little.  Either I have grown weary of the trek at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, or there is these days, little out there to buy.  I will give it another Sunday try one day soon.  It is, after all, one of the most beautiful parts of New England up there on the North Shore.  Add to that the fact that I have become deeply addicted to adventure of any kind…even the muddy field and the tube sock vendor!

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