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A Tuesday Like No Other

The Most Perfect Table

The older I become the wiser, I like to think, I become.  Isn’t that the way one ought to feel? Well, last Tuesday, when I thought I knew just about everything about life, I found myself in for the most divine day and certainly did not expect what I was soon to experience!    Before I wax on about the company of delightful people or the amazingly delicious meal served for lunch on a Tuesday like no other,  let me say that our lives are, I am convinced, created by seemingly small events/miracles/gifts…call them what you will.

It seems to me also that the truly big deal stuff never hits me broadside: it is the wonder of an unexpected lunch on the North Shore.  Rockport to be more precise…on Cape Ann when the day is warm, the sky a remarkable blue, the ocean waters are still and the deepest of turquoise.  I was invited to a Tuesday lunch with an extraordinary collection of creative people.  The day would have made Gertrude Stein swoon!  One of the hostesses, Sarah Kelly, has a blog and website:  She sets an amazing table and shared this photo with all of us.  Thank you, Sarah and Heather, for reminding me to be awake for the surprises in a shopkeeper’s life.  Thank you also for a day I will not forget!

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